Sunday, May 18, 2014

Hot on heels on ferny trail (Part 1)

Two main fern species abundantly found around the pond are 'Miding' and 'Paku Uban'
Location : Waterlily pond, Provinsi Manila @ Zone B

Paku Uban (Iban) - Nephrolepis biserrata
 Ferns are fascinating plants because even though they are non-flowering they still can reproduce by spores which lie under their leaves.  They are delicious and I have blogged a fair bit about many vegetable ferns of Sarawak.  There are about 500 species of ferns in Malaysia and Sarawak for that matter.  Ferns can survive many kinds of climatic environments.  In the park they are species that have adapted well to open sun and open spaces  whilst others prefer moist and shady areas.  This new Fern Trail project will gather as many different species of ferns as possible.  Below are some examples....  
Miding (Stenochlaena palustris)

Lycopodium cernuum - Nodding Clubmoss
Location : Zone G

Lycopodium cernuum - Nodding Clubmoss  Location : Zone G
Dicranopteris linearis - Resam (Malay)
Location : Zone I

Dicranopteris linearis - Resam (Malay) or commonly as Bracken fern.
Location : Zone I

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