Thursday, May 22, 2014

Hot on heels on ferny trail (Part 5)

Paku Kelindang (Iban) - Blechnum oreintale
Location : Zone I

Fiddlehead of the Paku Kelindang
 The Paku Kelindang, which is Iban for the Blechnum orientale fern can be seen throughout the park.  It can grow tall to about 2 meters high.  At the inset is the fiddlehead of the Paku Kelindang, which will grow into the fern leaves or fronds.  For the natives of Sarawak the young fronds are consumed as vegetables.  What is more interesting is the practice of the Berawans here who pound these young fronds into a paste and then apply them to the skin that is affected by boils or 'Bisul' in Malay.  It is said to help out in fast recovery of the boil because it assist in  the removal of the pus.  The size of the fern and height makes it a good candidate for landscaping especially natural landscaping style.
Paku Kelindang fiddleheads at different stages of growth.

Young frond of Paku Kelindang

Paku Kelindang
Location : Zone I

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