Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Kupie is after the Tupai

Location : Zone G

KUPIE - an Iban hunting dog
 We named her Kupie.  She came a few months ago to the park, unannounced.  Despite our various attempts to shoo her away, she kept appearing day and night.  Finally we adopted her.  This female Iban hunting dog could have belonged to somebody, but I guess she prefer to call the park her home.  She is my obedient companion when I go exploring the jungle areas of the park.  She would rush and bulldoze her way through thick and thin of the bushes ahead of me.  She is gradually becoming our security dog.  Today she was hot on heels chasing after a squirrel called 'Tupai' in Malay,  which she enjoys doing, barking and chasing after it from tree to tree... (see picture below)

Kupie, at home at the park.

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