Thursday, June 19, 2014

Fragrant and in pure white

Bunga Cina (Malay) , Cape Jasmine - Gardenia florida
Family : Rubiaceae - Coffee family
Location : Zone C

Cape Jasmine in plain green leaves
The 'Bunga Cina' ( Malay to mean Chinese flower) comes in two varieties.  The flower is pure white in both form.  The difference is in  the colours of the leaves.  The flower has always been a favourite among Malay ladies for its fragrance and symbolism.  They flower throughout the year, thus can be easily plucked from the garden for floral arrangement.  To see how I have used the flower for the Kambatik-style floral arrangement, follow this link ..>>> is also commonly known as Cape Jasmine which indicates that it was found to flourish well at the Cape of Good Hope (Africa).  But according to historical records the Chinese have used the plant in traditional medicine way back 2000 years ago.  Flowers come and go, some admired because they were once in fashion but once the fever fades they gradually remain unnoticed.  However look at it differently, fashion also come and go and at times the 'old' fashion can always stage a comeback.  Below is a poem about returning.....

A Season of Life

I look at you and see unfolding
the grace that is in this world;
At birth you are tiny perfection,
curled, half-wakening;
But soon the beauty you have become
enthrals me,
as you entwine with other boughs
and spend your honeyed season.
When at last your glory fades
and the sun's rays no longer dazzle
on your radiance;
Then quietly you give yourself,
knowing, that through another,
your season of splendour will return.

Rita Monk

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  1. Memang bunga ini sangat Wangi. Dari kecil kami guna daun bunga ini alternative untuk air mandian baby yang demam panas.