Tuesday, June 24, 2014

In Plain Sight - Provinsi Lady Palm (Part 5)

Provinsi Lady Palm, view looking west

Slender-stemmed palm -
Rhapis excelsa
 The Provinsi Lady Palm is named after the slender-stemmed palm with thick clustering habit.  The Rhapis excelsa grows naturally as an undergrowth palm but is now a popular palm for gardens and parks.  Its leaves are very useful for floral art.  Many nurseries sell them in big pots as ornamentals.  Today there are dwarf varieties of the Lady Palm. As part of the Kambatik garden concept it is advisable to plant the Lady Palm with heliconias.  Having them within arm's length and readily available in our garden will certainly assist us in creative floral art. Below are more pictures of the provinsi Lady Palm....

The heart of Heliconia Valley is located at Provinsi Lady Palm
Location : Zone C, looking north

View looking south

View looking south
Location : Zone D

View looking south

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