Wednesday, June 18, 2014

In Plain Sight - Provinsi Lakka (Part 2)

View of Provinsi Lakka, looking south
In the foreground is the Pong-Pong tree
Location : Zone F

Apple-like fruits of the Pong-Pong
 Provinsi Lakka is located at Zone F.  So far there are three clumps of the Sealing-wax palm planted at the area.  It is interesting to note that from two of the clumps I have obtained many plantlets by just removing or separating them from the mother tree.  Two varieties of the Sealing-wax palm are available on site.  One has deep orange leaf sheath while the other is in bright red.  There are other side attractions at the Provinsi Lakka.  A Pong-Pong tree nearby is attractive for its daily flowers and fruits that look like apples.  Other flowering shrubs and herbs planted includes the hibiscus, heliconias, scented pandanus (Pandanus amaryllifolius), variegated Bunga Cina (Gardenia jasminoides) etc.
Many names are given to this attractive palm e.g. Lipstick Palm, Pinang Raja, Sealing-wax palm
Botanic name : Cyrtostachys renda
Syn: Cyrtostachys lakka

 The Sealing-wax palm is a very attractive ornamental tree that should be used more generously in our Malaysian garden or Laman Kambatik.  More Sealing-wax palm will be added to the Provinsi Lakka gradually.
A variegated form of the Gardenia jasminoides

Bunga Raya (Malay) - national flower of Malaysia - Hibiscus rosa-sinensis

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