Sunday, August 24, 2014

Flash floods again this morning

Looking east.  This is the start of the Kambatik stream

 The flash floods that occur at the park is an important part of the garden ecology.  The planning of the park takes great account of the need to have a fall back position in times of floods.  I am talking here about the flash foods that ravages the plain areas along the Kambatik stream.  This is an accepted fact at the park, a moment of great interest, excitement and play.  Here's today's views of the flash floods from the start of the Kambatik stream moving downriver.....
Passing part of Zone C

Passing part of Zone F, Provinsi Carpentaria area at left

Passing area between Zone C and Zone F

Passing Zone F

Passing Zone C

Passing Zone D

Passing Zone D, Provinsi Borneo area

Passing Zone F

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