Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Bamboo shoots for lunch

Bamboo shoot forcing itself out from surrounding little of dried bamboo leaves
Location : Zone G

Bamboo shoot removed of sheaths
 I meant to post this yesterday but due to very poor internet connection last night I can't even send a picture in an hour!  But the fun of the story kept me alive for another day. This morning  at last the bamboo shoot story is told. But how to eat the bamboo shoot?  For the cooking section I refer to my wife.  I collect the shoots and she does the rest.  First, cut the outer thick skin (sheaths) of the shoot till you reach the inner core of the shoot as shown at the inset. Then cut it further into smaller bite pieces as shown below.  Then boil them for about an hour to soften. Prepare a paste of Belacan with red chillies, onions and dried prawns.  Keep cooking the bamboo shoot mixed with coconut milk and the paste for about 15 minutes.  When done and well cooked, serve hot with salted fish.  Eating them is like heaven on earth.  Thanks to the Almighty for giving us the joy of eating nature's pure food.
Boil to soften for 30 minutes

Cook the shoots mixed with coconut milk, Belacan paste (pounded with dried prawns, red chillies and onions) for about 15 minutes

Served hot with rice and salted fish

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