Wednesday, December 24, 2014

First things first - objectives

View of park at Provinsi Carpentaria
Zone F
 I have walked the talk on this business of greening.  For the last ten years I have devoted one of the best times in my life with positive learning combined with passion in the making of the Kambatik park.  I have made oil palm cultivation the eco-way as a business case.  Next year I'll carry the agenda a step further.  I'll like to share the fun and the adventure to a bigger audience or in business talk - many more diverse stakeholders. To strategise this, I'll come out with eco-marketing the Kambatik brand.  But first before the year ends, I'll put in perspective the objectives of the eco-marketing.  The objectives are as follows:
  1. Create networked communities on Kambatik eco-branding
  2.  Provide in-depth understanding on the bio-diversity benefits of oil palm cultivation the eco-way
  3.  Galvanise interests on tropical birds, butterflies,insects,small mammals, flowers and plants of the  lowland hill rainforest eco-systems
  4.  Promote a culture of green living through an active and healthy life-style, sustainable eating habits and environmental activism
Looking ahead for the start of the new year....2015
Exotic tropical fruits grown at the Park