Sunday, December 7, 2014

Home is where the heart is

A December sky in painted canvas of dark and massive blue clouds.\

 Back in Bintulu.  Looking west I saw a December sky in painted canvas of heavy and massive  dark blue clouds.  They seem to promise more rain tonight.  Walking back from the hills, I walked past many columns of jungle green, islands of botanical interests and a feeling of freedom.  Truly living in the city chokes my being, and makes me yearn the fresh country air, the jungle footpath and an occasional orange dragonfly to greet me along the silent walk.  Here I find my spirit free to roam the landscape.  In my composed mind I say; home is where the heart is.
A walk in the Kambatik park

The two Tiongs waiting for an appointment with as usual

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  1. Mmm..I'm agree with you and love the word : home is where the heart is...