Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Lovely pair of Orange-bellied Flowerpecker comes to the park

Orange-bellied flowerpecker - Sepah Puteri Bukit (Malay) enjoying the over-ripe Jackfruit
Location : Zone C

Female of the species

To see a lovely pair of this species of flowerpecker always excites me.  This is because it reinforces my love for deep orange colours.  Deep orange colours always gives out a feeling of goodness as in peeling oranges and tasting its sweet juices when you need to balance up your body with vitamins and fiber.  The second kind of excitement I feel is the cheerfulness this loving pair exudes as they busy themselves foraging the over-ripe fruit crumbs and in so doing make tiny and sharp cit-cit calls. Thirdly I notice that the female of the species give due respect to the male by giving the male the first chance to devour the fruits.  This is instructive because it reminds me how nowadays the ladies in Malaysia especially the very educated university graduates remain single for too long because they look down on lesser qualified males to tie their marital bond with.  The social consequences of this are quite devastating in Malaysia.  But this story will not be elaborated any further.  Let us just concentrate on this lovely pair.  The male of the species is most attractive.  He possesses that striking deep orange breast and a handsome dark blue face.   The female on the other hand is of duller make-up.  Her upper parts are olive-green with the rest of her underparts pale yellow. It seems to me that December is the breeding month for this species and I hope more lovely chicks will be produced in the park soon.
Male of the species

Looking tiny (actually very tiny)  when compared with the Jackfruit

Let me enjoy the tasty crumbs. Thank you .

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