Saturday, February 28, 2015

A company of birds on old Rambutan tree

Amidst the leaves and branches are two bee-eaters and four bulbuls
Early morning hours at the park, near  Kruak wetlands
Yellow-vented Bulbul
It was very early in the morning.  The morning dew still holding on the leaves and trees.  Above the trees the  air was filled with cheerful sounds.  Some birds were feasting on the bees at the old Rambutan tree.  The Blue-throated Bee-eaters found company with the Yellow-vented Bulbuls as they rested a while amidst their busy flying schedules.  Like super-jets they flew vertically and then ascending in sharp scooping moments to catch the bees in between their beaks.  Or sometimes they might catch them on their way up to the skies.  It was a wonderful sight to see and hopefully it will happen again another day...

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