Saturday, February 14, 2015

A lovely pair of Little Green Pigeon

Little Green Pigeon (Treron olax) - male is at top with maroon wing-coverts while female has greyish-green body.  Both have white iris.  Feet and claws are a light red.
Location: Cempedak lookout point
Zone G
The time was just about right.  The early morning sun rays had cast its brilliance on the Cemepdak tree.  Unnoticed but later seen was a pair of Little Green Pigeon or "Punai Daun" in Malay.  There seems to be two certain moments in the park when you'll not be disappointed to watch these darlings of the wild and free.  In the morning between 7 - 8 am and in the late afternoon between 5 - 6 pm.  At both times the sun rays are there to provide the appropriate lighting for a good photoshoot.  Early this morning I managed to get a clearer shot of this beautiful pair perching at the very top of the Cempedak tree.

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