Sunday, February 8, 2015

Early is Pigeon, late is Hill Myna

Pink-necked Pigeon or 'Punai Gading' in Malay.
Location : Cempedak Hill, Zone G.
Hill Myna back at its favourite perch
Licuala Hill, Zone I
 In the morning it was time for the Pink-necked Green Pigeon to drop by at their favourite perch up on the Cempedak Hill.  These pigeons are here to stay.  In the later part of the day, just before sunset I climbed the Licuala Hill to checkout whether the Tiongs (Hill Myna) are back in town. It was business as usual.  An hour before sunset they returned to their temporary nest, a hole in the tree.  Their timing  seemed be biologically clocked.
Tiong in flight
Location : Licuala Hill, Zone I

A pair of Pink-necked Green Pigeon.  The pink-necked is the male. The female generally more greenish, without the grey, pink and orange.

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