Tuesday, February 24, 2015

What has Shrubby Dillenia got to do with Celcom?

Shrubby dillenia - Dillenia suffructicosa
Family : Dilleniaceae - Dillenia family
Zone A

Note: Very much I wanted to share more pictures of the park, the internet reception using Celcom service is extremely poor in Bintulu.  This image took 1hour 30 minutes to upload.  It makes me feel that the Celcom internet service has shortchanged us in Sarawak.  Yet the Ministry involved on telecommunications just doesn't seem to be bothered with Celcom, primarily because it is a government-owned company.  This is the situation that we in Sarawak have to face with regards to Federal - State relations.  But one thing saved the day...it is the people of Sarawak.  They are very patient people, after all the South China Sea is there and the immigration laws specific to Sarawak to protect Sarawakians from being mistreated is still functional.  It is a well-known fact the many West Malaysian politicians and others like religious teachers or Ustaz  are prevented from entering the state if they are found to be insensitive of Sarawakian harmony or extreme in their religious and political mission or teachings.  Thanks for the tight immigration laws, Sarawak is at least independent even though the Federal Ministries adopt a negative, almost 'down-looking' attitude towards Sarawak and its people.  The Celcom service is a case in point.

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