Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Black birds are back

Philippine Glossy Starling - Aplonis panayensis
Adults are a glossy black'  Juvenile ones are whitish (seen at bottom right)
Location : Zone C, perching on Balem tree

Juvenile has whitish body, streaked back
and bright  red iris.
 The black birds are back.  For the last two days they have been flocking to the park.  There are many fruiting tall jungle trees at the moment that attract them for their fruits.  You can hear their noisy calls in the air because being social starlings they congregate in large numbers.  Often these black birds are called 'Philippine Glossy Starling' though it seems fashionable to call them Asian Glossy Starling now because interest in birding and photography from Bengal to Vietnam and south to Malaysia, Philippines and Indonesia have recorded that they are residents to these many countries. 
A juvenile with something to swallow...

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