Tuesday, March 3, 2015

By the Butterfly garden - Kambatik Blue Knight

Kambatik Blue Knight

 I have good reason to pronounce this butterfly as the 'Kambatik Blue Knight'.  It is not often you see such a marvel of a butterfly at the back of your house.  It comes visiting the park on very few occasions and every time it drops by I'll get very encouraged and excited for the main reason that it  keeps me wondering what is its name.  Checking many online resources seems to be of no help.  Except one, where I saw a picture of a similar butterfly from a contributor in Sabah, but has not given it a name.  Thus, tonight of all the nights,  I'll take the liberty to pronounce this dark blue butterfly as the 'Kambatik Blue Knight'.  This butterfly has broad and large strong wings.  It is well-built and has the metallic splendour of a knight's armour. 

Underside of Kambatik Blue knight

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