Monday, April 27, 2015

A lovely couple of the Orange-bellied Flowerpecker

Male Orange-bellied Flowerpecker with diagonistic bright orange rump and belly

Female of the species,, in Malay the bird is called 'Sepah Puteri Bukit'
Didaeum trigonostigma dayaknum
The trick works again.  How would you attract the Orange-bellied Flowerpecker if not for the over-ripe Jackfruit?  So the lovely pair is back again wanting more of the sweet pulp. Their arrival or presence is easily heard by the familiar  short shrilling chirp..sounding like sit...repeated many times.  Today, the both of them posed well for the lenses.  It is my belief that in Sarawak's town landscape there should be planted more fruit trees to attract wildlife.  The current paranoid attention to just ornamental trees is not good for the preservation or conservation of wildlife in urban environment.  Take a lesson from the Orange-bellied flowerpecker.
Female has grey breast and yellow abdomen
Location : Zone C

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