Monday, April 13, 2015

Orchids no bloody care!

A Dendrobium spp orchid grown on oil palm trunk.
The rotting fibroous cut bases are excellent for the orchid roots as they retain much moisture.
Zone C
One good thing about the oil palm trunk is that the cut bases that are left after cutting the fronds during harvesting  are excellent for placing orchids.  Place them there and nature will take care of itself.  For one, shade is amply provoided by the green umbrella of oil palm fronds.  Secondly, the rotting cut bases of the fronds collect decomposed materials, fibres, and organic wastes from dying insects, birds and other small animals faeces which become organic fertiliser to the orchids.  Thirdly, the bases are highly absorbent of moisture from rain or dew.  I have planted freely many species of orchids on these palm trunks so that I don't have to worry about care.  Let nature for once take care of itself. 

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