Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The meandering stream

View of middle section of the stream as it passes by the verandah or 'Abag' in local Bintulu Melanau terminology.
The broad leaves in the foreground belongs to the 'Jambu Bol' tree (Syzygium malaccense)
Since it is very dry season at the park right now I guess I'll take a moment to share on the status of the stream.  Yes, the water level is very low.  This situation enables me to carryout much clearing works on both sides of the stream.  The pictures in this posting show the middle section of the stream where it meanders and form somewhat like dragon back outline in the middle of the park.  On the sides of the stream the land is flat and its where many types of introduced tree species are planted.  These trees could be fruit trees, flowering trees or palms.  The planting idea is to allow for walks along the stream in shade as much as possible.

View of stream meandering
Foreground is the 'Pong-Pong' tree with its apple-like fruits which turn red when ripe.
This is an example of ornamental planting.
Location: Zone F
More ornamental and fruit tree planting along the stream...coconut palms, Carpentaria palms and flowering trees and tall fruit trees at right of picture (in the background)

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