Friday, April 24, 2015

Two pale red flushes and a Pink Poui tree

At left of the picture are the pink flowers of the Poui tree (Tabebuia rosea), and on bottom right are the pale brown to red flushes of the Mango tree (Mangifera indica)

Trumpet-shaped flowers of the
Tabebuia rosea
 Just outside the back door are two trees that are producing new leaves and one tree that bears beautiful pink flowers.  These trees provide much shade when I rest in the afternoon or anytime of the day to enjoy filtered light and shade.  Not merely in the park, it seems that this month the Poui trees are flowering all over Bintulu town where ever  they are planted mainly as roadside trees and in green open spaces.   I have planted two varieties at the park, the pink and white varieties.  In other parts of the tropics it has been reported that yellow flowering varieties are available.  Other common names for the tree is 'Tecoma' and 'Trumpet 'tree.  The Jambu Bol tree last year bore a few fruits only, the very first ones.  I hope that towards the end of this year most probably in December the Malay Apple tree will bear an abundance of fruits.
Pale red flushes of the Malay Apple tree or 'Jambu Bol' in Malay (Eugenia malaccensis)
Location : Zone C

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