Tuesday, May 5, 2015

A fungi morning

Large saucer - shaped  white fungus
Location : Provinsi Rattan, Zone I

Top view of white fungus
 This morning was a fungi morning.  I checked in at the Botanic Island Three especially at the Provinsi Rattan area.  There I stumbled upon three unique varieties.  One  exotic kind was a red Parasol Fungus.  Then there was one black and white fungus, all of which were seen close to dead and rotting fallen tree trunks.  Fungus produce reproductive spores.  Like many green plants they are assisted by insects to help disperse the spores.   Some fungus produce unpleasant liquid that attract flies which collect spores on their feet to scatter elsewhere.  Other fungi explode, scattering their their dust-like spores within the vicinity.  Another variety of fungus impregnate insects which move on and then die, providing nutrition for the fungi which grow from their bodies.  Upon infecting another insect they continue to scatter their spores thus sustaining their survival.
Red Parasol  fungus
Location : Provinsi Ratan, Botanic Island Three

White-rimmed Black fungus
Location : Provinsi Rattan, Botanic Island Three

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