Monday, May 4, 2015

Faintly-scented 'Sepenuh' flowers

Lily-type flowers are borne on a long stalk in umbel formation.
Location : Zone C

Heart-shaped leaves
 It is a handsome shade plant that has many ceremonial functions.  Among the Malays the plant is planted in padi fields with the belief that it may help in a bountiful harvest.  The heart-shaped and rounded leaves are used in rituals to get rid off ghosts or spirits from Malay houses.  Belonging to the onion family, its bulbs are used as cure for poison arrows or poisons from some animals.  The flowers are borne on a long inflorescence stalk in a cluster formation called umbel.  The white lily-type flowers are faintly scented and will flower in stages.  The stalk can carry 10 or more buds and would take 1 - 2 weeks to complete the flowering cycle because the buds will open up on separate occasions.
Sepenuh (Malay) - Priophys amboinensis
Syn : Eurycles amboinensis

Family : Amaryllidaceae - Onion Family
Location : Zone C

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