Sunday, May 10, 2015

Sunday walk in the park

Road linking Zone B and C
Jungle footpath viewed from above
 Sunday.  Just felt like relaxing and having a fun walk around the park.  There has been no rain lately.  Probably now the dry season is showing signs that it has become a reality yesterday.   The dried leaves kept falling on the jungle floor.  I prefer to walk through the jungle footpath with its chorus of bird's songs, crickets, and thrilling moving objects - stick insects, squirrels, tree lizards, butterflies and a filtered light.  The colourful and shy Ground Pigeon was seen flying past ahead of me as it rushed for cover.  I had only on one occasion caught it in picture and am always hoping for a day when it will give me an opportunity for a full photoshoot session. 
Jungle footpath laden with leaves
Location : Botanic Island One.

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