Saturday, May 23, 2015

The angels are back

Angel's trumpet (Euclinia longiflora)
Family : Rubiaceae - Coffee family
Syn : Randia macrantha
Last night the angels came trumpeting in.  The Randia macrantha or sometimes called the Angel's Trumpet blossomed last night producing white trumpet-like flowers that are strongly scented.  I have moved them to a new location that is relatively in the open area, different from its previous site which was in semi-shaded area.  This is my favourite shrub because it is a very rare plant to be found in Sarawak.  I normally propagate it through cuttings but the rate of success is about 30 percent.  Over the years I have given this plant to a very few select friends who love gardening.  Any ordinary gardener will find it a big challenge to grow this shrub.  Before I transplanted this tall shrub, I had to dig a deep trench around it and did not move it from the trench for about two months to allow for the establishment of new roots and to avoid shock.  Last night's show proved that it does well too in open locations.

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