Tuesday, June 23, 2015

A Rufous lifer

Rufous-backed Kingfisher ( Ceyx erithaca)
Location : Botanic Island Two
 I was having a walk-through the Botanic Island Two when all of a sudden I heard a strange sharp sound among the trees...tseeeet....tseeeet.  Amidst the confusion of jungle trees, trunks. twigs and branches my eyes were caught by a kaleidoscope of colours.  It is a lifer for me.  This has been my lucky day.  Click..and it was away.  But one click is good enough for a lifer even though the image did not appear clear.  It's marvellous for the record.  It is the forest kingfisher - Rufous-backed Kingfisher.  It made my day.  Days like this doesn't come often and the Kambatik Park is blessed for another day.
The Rufous-backed Kingfisher is a small bird, but colourful.
Location : Botanic Island Two

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