Saturday, August 15, 2015

A female Blue-eared Kingfisher

Blue-eared Kingfisher - female of the species
Location : Zone F

The Blue-eared Kingfisher looking attentively at the stream below for small fishes
Location : Zone F

I saw it perching first on the Ong Lumok branch then it flew a short distance away, resting on a Pong-Pong tree branch.  It was the Blue-eared Kingfisher and a female for one.   The resemblance of this bird to the Common Kingfisher is close, but the Blue-eared is much more richly coloured.  The female's  feet is orange or scarlet and the upper mandible bill is black and lower is red.  The brownish band at the side of the neck is peculiarly present in the female of the species.  In the male counterpart,  the band is blue.  The ear coverts of the female is brown, while the male is blue.  This Blue-eared is seen more often at the park because it is more of a forest bird.  On many occasions I have seen it perching on this Lumok tree branch for a bird's eye view of the small fishes below.  On at least one occasion it was seen diving and successfully grabbing a small fish as prized prey.

Having a brief rest at the Pong-Pong branch
Location : Zone F

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