Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Wild and beautiful Rambutan

The Rambutan fruit
This tree is about 70 years old but is standing tall, next to the stream at Zone F.  The Rambutan tree belongs to an age-old variety.  It isn't a hybrid. Its high stature is shared with the Balem tree nearby and both claiming to be one of the earliest species planted by predecessors  on this little green spot of our tiny blue planet.   It is precisely on this matter that  I have deep respect for both trees for their "will" to survive.  When I see it producing an abundance of fruits this year, the best in its fruiting history so far, I feel blessed to have its presence in the park. Talk about the taste - well, this is an age-old species or wild species as you might call it, and it tastes sweet and sour.  More sweet when it is very ripe than sour.  So there you have it, a wild species that still thrive  the vagaries of nature, wild and strong, wild and healthy, wild and productive, wild and beautiful.

Note the size and height of the Rambutan tree trunk.
Location : Zone F

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