Friday, September 18, 2015

Fritters from a 70 years old tree

Serve the fritters hot for afternoon tea.
Today I have great respect to a 70 years old Cempedak tree.  The tree has been standing here before I was born.  The beauty about this tree is that it is still bearing fruits that are exceedingly sweet.  It is indeed a privilege for me to enjoy its fruits taken fresh or as fritters.  Here's a guide on cooking  Cempedak fritters.  First prepare a batter comprising of wheat flour and water (see inset) .  Heat up the oil palm cooking oil in the frying pan in medium flame.   Throw in the Cempedak fruits covered in batter into the frying pan and wait till the colour turns brownish, to indicate that it is sufficiently cooked.  This would take between 10 - 15 minutes.  Serve hot.  Cempedak fritters are great for afternoon tea.
When the fritters appear brown it's an indication that they are sufficiently cooked.
Fresh Cempedak fruits from a 70 year old tree

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  1. I want some of the fritters! Yum :P Cempedak is one of my favourite fruits but it is difficult to find sweet tasty good ones. Yours look absolutely delicious - fresh and sweet. And wow! What an amazing tree. 70 years old still bears fruits :-D