Saturday, September 19, 2015

The Jering tree and fruits

The Jering tree is partly seen at middle ground of picture
Location : Zone G

Jering fruit (seed)
The Jering (Pithelobium lobatum) tree that is located beside the road at Zone G is a large tree.  Today I started to clear the undergrowth around the tree in order to make way for convenient access to the tree. I have not checked this tree earlier and to my surprise it is bearing fruits.  In Bintulu, the Melanau elders love to boil the Jering fruit, which is this case is actually the seed (see inset) and eat it together with fresh grated coconut in palm sugar.   I love Jering for 'Ulam' (Malay) which is akin to eating it as salad.  To make the Jering more palatable as a salad, it is better to eat it with a prepared paste of Bintulu 'belacan' pounded with anchovies, a bit of red chilies and ginger.
The Jering fruit is believed to be able to cure high blood pressure.
Clearing work around the Jering tree.

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