Thursday, November 26, 2015

Black Magpie

Black Magpie ( Platysmurus leucopterus) - note the red iris and crest
Location : Licuala Hill

 For once I thought it was the Tiong bird because it sounded like one.  Climbing up the tall Licuala Hill I took a good look at the bird.  It was instead the Black Magpie and came by in a small party of three.  Unlike the Tiongs they do not seem to perch together, preferring to follow the leader in seconds interval  at the nearest branch.  Once perched on the branch the bird showed a peculiar behaviour of bowing and nodding.  It likes to lower its crest when perching.  Their calls could be heard clearly and unlike the normal jungle crow it could imitate the sounds of the Hill Myna, for which I was mistaken for the real thing.  That means if it wants it could sound out a whistle.

Perching on one of the very tall trees at Licuala Hill, in bowing and nodding movements.
27 Nov'15

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