Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Hiding from the Tiongs

Perching at one of the tall trees at Licuala Hill area
Closer view of the Tiong
I have to hide among the bushes and ferns to get a closer view of the Tiongs (Hill Myna).  From a distance of about 50 meters from the tall dead tree situated at Licuala Hill, I waited for the birds to show up.  At around 6 pm as if by appointment they flew into frame.  In order not to scare them away I had to hide and remained quiet.  Unaware of my presence  they took time to roost, check out the 'nest' and made calls that rang loud and sharp over the neighbourhood.  After seeing them comfortable perching, I then started to shoot them with my camera. Here are today's shots....
The 'nest' is a hole in the tree.  A Tiong bird perching next to the nest.

View of the tall dead tree from my hideout.
Location : Licuala Hill

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