Sunday, November 22, 2015

The Tiongs presence is nature alive and well

Note the white wing-patch at the primary wings.
Location : Zone I

Tiong (Malay) or Hill Myna
Gracula religiosa
 It's great to see the Hill Myna birds perching at the tallest dead tree at Licuala Hill this afternoon.  It seemed that the two birds are looking good as mature adults.  I'll be following their story again this November and December.  The park is now home to the Tiong birds primarily due to the presence of tall perches especially those with holes acting as 'nest'.  The Tiong is a resident of lowland forests like what we have here.  I notice they will leave their nest early in the morning and would return before sunset.  This has been their routine from my annual observation.  I very much welcome their presence here for the loud calls they reverberate throughout  the neighbourhood, a sure sign that nature is alive and well.
In the distant are seen the two Hill Myna birds perching on the tallest dead tree at Provinsi Licuala
Location : Licuala Hill

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