Friday, December 11, 2015

Even humans cannot whistle as loud as the Tiong

Hill Myna or Tiong Mas (Malay) having a perfect view of the park and whistling ...
Location : Licuala Hill

Gracula religiosa - Hill Myna
 The Tiong came in before sunset and was calling for its mate.  The mate answered its call from the surrounding hills but did not fly over to join the company.  Unnoticed by it, I took as many pictures as I could get for stock photography.  It appears that this December the Tiongs will continue to stay at the tall 'condominium' in a special hole that faces a northerly direction.  In the meantime while waiting for its mate it produced all sorts of sounds and calls and many a time threw out a whistling sound that even a human cannot compare.  Tiongs are normally liked as pets for its ability to mimic sounds.  They do seem to be able to 'talk'.
It's time to fly away and locate my mate!

The Tiong's  favourite spot in the park.  It prefers the 'penthouse' level.

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