Saturday, December 12, 2015

Is it an eagle or a hawk-eagle? I wonder.

 Before the day ends I went to Licuala Hill with the hope that I could get another glimpse of the Borneon Falconet. Upon arrival at the tall dead tree I was greeted by the Myna birds. The weather was not so clear as it is often these days of the North-east monsoon when there are more cloudy skies and torrential rains. After a while, I heard a strange sound not heard before. When I turned my eyes to the tall tree I noticed a big bird was resting where the Tiong birds were. The Tiong birds flew away when this big bird perched on the tree. I quickly focussed my lens hoping to get a picture of the bird. Got it. But I could not confirm what it was. Upon checking the guide books I am caught between a Lesser Fish Eagle and a Changeable Hawk -eagle. Perhaps one day I'll get a better picture and am more certain on the identity of the bird. Today' I'll just leave it at that, happy that I saw something new.
Location : Licuala Hill

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  1. I would bet that it is a changeable hawk eagle. They are common and plentiful.