Monday, January 11, 2016

A good bird watching morning

Black Magpie
Location : Licuala Hill

The early morning hours when the birds are out looking for food and prey is a sure bet to catch a glimpse of many birds common to this area.  This morning starting at 7.30 am I chanced upon three species.  The Black Magpie ( Platysmurus leucopterus) was braving itself to come closer to me.  Previously this bird could only be photographed from a distance and even so hidden  among the leaves and branches.  When I heard its voice which is similar to the crow and mixed with imitative sounds of the Hill Myna I climbed the Licuala Hill to find its whereabouts.  I was handsomely rewarded with a vantage view of the bird. It showed its characteristic habit of bowing its head while perching on the branch.  The Black Magpie likes to imitate sounds of other birds.  It is in the list of large-sized birds at the park.  Next in line came one of the tiny birds at the park - the Yellow-bellied Prinia (Prinia flaviventris).  They are born here.   Despite its size the bubbling calls emitted are loud and cheerful. It prefers to hunt among the long grasses making it difficult to have a good shot.   Today, however it came out  pleased to offer me a good pose.
Not to disappoint  me,  a threesome of  the smallest raptor in the world  the falconet showed themselves at their favourite perch.  The Bornean Falconet  (Microhierax latifrons) is a regular visitor probably enjoying the abundance of insects here.  They are skillful in catching their prey, grasping them in dashing flight or sorties from the tallest spot in the neighbourhood.  I took extra trouble this morning to come closer to them by moving close to the tree where they perched.  From below I could only see a glimpse of one of the falconet through the maze of leaves and branches.
Overall, it has been a good morning for bird watching.
Yellow-bellied Prinia among the grasses
Three Borneon Falconets taken from a distance of about 100 meters.
Location : Licuala Hill

Closer view of the falconet through the leaves and branches
Bornean Falconet

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