Friday, January 29, 2016

The Great Eggfly butterfly

Great Eggfly ( Hypolimnas bolina)
Location : Zone C

View of underside 
 Been watching the Great Eggfly (Hypplimnas bolina) and managed to get a few good shots of it.  It was seen at the Blood banana tree (Musa sumatrana) at Zone C sipping nectar from its flowers.  It was seen visiting the flowers in the morning and since it was busy enjoying the nectar it was quite oblivious to being photographed.  The upperside is very colourful and the underside no less attractive with its lace-like patterns.  On many occasions it flew to the ground and settled on the grasses.  A rare coincidence occurred when a mate appeared on the scene and after many attempts the pair finally came together in unison.
Sipping nectar from the banana flowers

Settling on the lawn

The Great Eggfly in copulation

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