Friday, January 22, 2016

Training early in acquired taste

Training early to love red juicy seeds of  'Simpoh Air' 

Baby Bulbul
You would imagine that acquired taste is among the rich and famous, eating anything bizarre with out of this world pricey tag.  Mother bulbul teaches otherwise.  It entails getting out early, very early in the morning to hunt for seeds to feed its young.  A little too late is much too late because by then other ferocious birds like the black glossy starlings would dominate the scene and chase the Mother bulbul away.  The baby bulbul need to be trained early to love the juicy red seeds of the 'Simpoh Air' or Shrubby dillenia.  There are hundreds over the neighbourhood to be picked everyday but not all fruits open up  its seeds at the right time and place.  It is a bird's life, flying around to gather them, and then with sublime touch insert the seeds into the eager mouth of baby bulbul. Little bulbul needs to be trained early to love the dillenia seeds. Other types of exotic diet will come next...ants? maggots? bees?.  If only man keep to his promise of ecological biodiversity our world would be a prosperous place lamented Mother Bulbul.
Ready to lift off with priceless seed

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