Saturday, March 26, 2016

The Bornean Falconet surveys the neighbourhood

The tallest dead twig from where the falconet surveys the neighbourhood for insects and small birds
Location : Cempedak Hill, Zone G

 A sharp shriek sent me looking around for its origin.  I saw something dashing above me and my eyes followed its movement till it  landed on the tallest twig of the Cempedak tree at Zone G.  Today's sighting is a pleasant surprise for the fact that the Bornean Falconet (Microhierax latifrons) have never come this close to the house.  The best shot I got of it was about 40 meters from the tree before it flew away.  The falconet belongs to the smallest raptor species in the world.  What strikes me about this bird is the pale buffish belly and an overall black and white body.  Its sighting is always welcomed at the park.  
View of the group of trees not far away from the sighting where I worked and saw the dashing movement of the bird above ....

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