Tuesday, April 19, 2016

"Murai Rimba" or White-rumped Shama - a lifer!

White-rumped Shama - Murai Rimba (Malay)
Copsychus malabaricus
Location : Botanic Island Two

"Murai Rimba" perching on oil palm leaf.
 I saw some movement on the leaves of the oil palm tree just outside the Botanic Island Two.  My curiosity was answered when a bird flew down on the open ground.  It was no ordinary bird.  It is a lifer for me.  Fortunately I had the camera in my hand and quickly tried to photograph it.  The bird did not remain long on the ground and in a matter of seconds it flew away.  Lucky me, I have on record the sighting of a White-rumped Shama at the park.  It is my fervent hope that in future the bird will come back again so that I could get better images of it.
View of the jungle from which the White-rumped Shama flew out.
Location : Botanic Island Two.

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