Thursday, June 2, 2016

Butterfly garden status update

View of Butterfly Garden looking east
Zone C

The Butterfly garden is developing nicely with many of the plants growing well.  A lot more room is available to accommodate planting of suitable shrubs and covers that can become host to the butterflies and birds.  It is of no coincidence the other day that a beautiful butterfly dropped by at the window pane (see inset),  It looked rare and a lifer for the park. Butterflies are a major attraction at the park and over the years I have gathered their images in a special page of this blog under 'Butterflies'.  ( Check the right column of this blog under 'Park Highlights'). Among the flowering plants today are the Ixoras, Plumerias, Jasmines, Clerondendrons, Heliconias and Gardenias.
Beautiful agave species that grows well in the open sun.

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