Thursday, July 28, 2016

Attracted to the Jackfruit

Orange-bellied Flowerpecker at the Jackfruit tree

Male Orange-bellied Flowerpecker
 The over-ripe Jackfruit has been attracting many birds and small animals.  Chief among them were the Plantain Squirrel and the Skink.  Not to miss the fun today was the Orange-bellied Flowerpecker too.   Though the Yellow-vented Bulbul  did try to come close to it, my presence alerted it and off it flew.  The quirrel seemed to be really enjoying the flesh of the fruit but not the seed, which it simply drop onto the ground below.
The attraction of the Jackfruit will last for a few more days in which I would be eagerly waiting to see if the male brings along its female counterpart for a photosession.
Plantain Squirrel holding seed of the Jackfruit
Zone C

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