Thursday, July 21, 2016

No black hood yet

An adult Chestnut Munia with black head (at left) and a junvenile bird at right
Zone F

Juvenile are all over earthy-brown.
The head remain tinged brown'
 I have been watching for a couple of days now at a flock of Chestnut Munia ( Lochura malacca).  What excites me is the presence of young birds that are part of the flock and producing the most happy of sounds.  In Malay the bird is called 'Pipit Rawa' and characteristically utters the 'pit, pit' call.   I have read that the young birds are earthy-brown all over and later change colour to something like the adult plumage, specifically the head still remain a tinged brown.  After the third change of plumage will the bird exhibit the chestnut plumage and the black head.
A young bird perching on the oil palm leaf
Zone F

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