Sunday, July 24, 2016

Sequence 3 - grass cutting between trees

Zone E - some areas are undulating, others relatively flat

Zone A
 An important area to do grass cutting are those spaces in between trees.  Some areas are easy to work on especially those at low lying and flat areas.  However, areas on undulating slopes and hills are  quite problematic especially after the rains making the areas wet and slippery.  In such circumstances, after every heavy rains it would be more advisable to undertake grass cutting on relatively flat areas for safety purpose and ease of working.  In areas where the trees are mature and tall (about 6-8 years) grass cutting can be done once a month as the areas are under heavy shade and grasses tend to re-grow slowly under such conditions.  Below are more pictures of the areas that are regularly cut once a month to make the park look neat, clean and beautiful.
Zone B

Zone E

Zone E

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