Thursday, March 9, 2017

Report from Mrs Tiong

View of Licuala Hill and our nest (in a hole).

Mrs Tiong - female Hill Myna
(Gracula religiosa) 
 Woke up late this morning, around 9 am.  The reason - the weather last night was so cool that makes us both feel lazy.  Anywhere where is my husband? Oh, there you are! I can now see you through the trees and branches at Licuala Hill.  Well, I am not yet ready for today's flight.  Let me refresh a while and then we can fly as far as we can.  My dear, yesterday we managed to get lots of fruits from Tatau area.  Can we find something special for me today? I think, I'm thinking of enjoying some large insects for lunch, ok. Now wait a second.....I'll take off to join you on our daily hunt in five seconds. (Approximately at 9.15 am we took flight towards the direction of Sebauh, some 50 kilometers away. Bye for now)
Mr. Tiong

Mrs Tiong making an early morning call, " Hey there ! Husband, where are you?"

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