Friday, June 22, 2018

From Brood to Born Free

A brood of Pipit Rawa (Chestnut Munia)

I have been observing a brood of Pipit Rawa (Chestnut Munia) at Zone G.  After freeing them from its nest two weeks ago, I had on many occasions seen them flying about the park in a small flock.
I am happy that the ecology of the park has managed to sustain its population. Pipit is a common word used by the Malays to name birds that are commonly known as munias, sparrows and of course the pipit itself (e.g the paddy field pipit).  Here the presence of wetlands and large areas of tall grasses provide the chief food in form of grass seeds to the pipit birds.

Juvenile Pipit Rawa ready to fly off.

Adult Pipit Rawa or Chestnut Munia

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