Saturday, December 15, 2018

Coming closer to the Crested Serpent Eagle.

Sunday is a good day to enter the jungle to discover more things or just looking for surprises. Today's excursion was rewarded by a closer view of the Crested Serpent Eagle. The preserved nature at the park is a favourite hunting ground for the eagle. The smallest raptor, the Bornean Falconet is a frequent visitor. The Crested Serpent Eagle however is a raptor or a bird of prey that is among the large - sized raptors that are seen and heard often as they encircle the park from far above the canopy of trees and uttering their distinctive shrill whistling call...wheeat...wheeatt... The eagle is attracted to the abundance of squirrels, lizards and small birds here

(Note: This story is a re-post from my facebook, 4 November'18)

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