Monday, July 14, 2014

Blogging about blooming flowers

Tabebuia rosea or Trumpet flower at the very top of picture with colourful flushes of the Mesua ferrea (Ceylon ironwood) in the middle of picture.
Location : Zone C

CU of Trumpet flower
 Two plants that are producing beautiful blooms right now are the Trumpet flower (Tabebuia rosea) and the
Bauhinia kockiana.  The Trumpet flower is a cultivated species while the Bauhinia  is a climbing plant or vine that grows naturally at the park.  I have blogged a fair bit about both plants and there can be accessed here ...>>>
and here ...>>>

Bauhinia kockiana, is seen at left of the picture in orange colours
Location : Provinsi Rattan
Zone I

Bauhinia kockiana,  in close-up
Location : Provinsi Rattan
Zone I

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