Friday, July 18, 2014

Butterfly watch album - Common Jay (Graphium doson)

 Often times I tried to photoshoot the Common Jay but to no avail.  This butterfly seems restless and would not like to spread out its upper wings even at rest.  At rest it would instead flutter its wings and vibrate it without opening a second.  Today I get a rare preview of the upper side wings by just continuously clicking on the camera while it was about to rest on the spot of burnt earth.  It kept on coming back to the spot even when disturbed.  The spot of burnt earth was slightly damp after a light shower last night.  What attracts me to this species is its clear blue sky band, dots and stripes at its upper wings.  A milder version of the colours do appear at the under side with its typical triangular formation and lots more  spots at the margins of the wings.

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