Monday, July 7, 2014

More views of the Provinsi Carpentaria

View looking east
View looking north
 This plain area, called Provinsi Carpentaria sounds international.  'Provinsi' comes from the Indonesia word to mean province.  Carpentaria is a place in Australia where at its bay are to be found many Carpentaria palms.  At the inset is seen healthy growing Carpentaria palms.  This palm is the main palm species planted at this provinsi. Other palm species planted in this location is the Coconut palm which are planted along the stream.   The Carpentaria palms are planted in boulevard-style planting.  The whole plain areas at the park is turned into a big palm collection.  To see other tropical palms suitable for the Kambatik garden, check them out in my blog here ...>>>

View looking south-west
Note the healthy growing Carpentaria palm at left of picture.
View looking east

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